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Rubber Track - The Choice of Working Environment

(1) The temperature of the rubber track is generally between -25° and +55°.

(2) Chemicals, engine oil, salt from seawater will accelerate the aging of the track, and the track should be cleaned after use in such an environment.

(3) Road surfaces with sharp protrusions (such as steel bars, stones, etc.) can cause rubber tracks to be injured.

(4) The side stone of the road, the rut or the uneven road surface may cause cracks on the bottom side pattern of the track edge, and the crack can continue to be used without injuring the steel cord.

(5) Gravel and gravel pavement will cause early wear of the rubber surface in contact with the load-bearing wheel to form a small crack. In severe cases, moisture invades, causing the core iron to fall off and the steel wire to break.