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Rubber Track - Adjustment of Tension

(1) The adjustment of the tensioning force has a great influence on the service life of the rubber track. Generally, the mechanical manufacturer will indicate the adjustment method in the manual. as the picture shows.

(2) The tension is too loose, causing the wheel to be disengaged. The guide wheel load-bearing wheel rides the teeth. In severe cases, the pulley and the plate are scraped, causing the core iron to fall off. When the teeth are riding, the local tension is too large, and the steel cord is broken. The driving wheel, the steering wheel bites into the hard object, and breaks the steel cord.

(3) The tension is too tight, the track produces a very large tension, resulting in elongation, the pitch changes, and high surface pressure is generated in some places, causing abnormal wear of the core iron and the driving wheel. In severe cases, the core iron is broken or worn. The drive wheel is hooked out.