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Rubber Track Care-Proper Operate The Excavator

Improper driving ways are the main cause of rubber track damage. Therefore, in order to protect the rubber track and prolong its service life, users must pay attention to the following when using the machine:

(1) Over-loading is prohibited. Over-loading will increase the tension of the rubber track and accelerate the wear of the core iron. In severe cases, the core iron will break and the steel cord will break.

(2) Do not make sharp turns during the walking process: sharp turns can easily cause the wheel to be damaged by the wheel, and the guide wheel or the anti-off guide rail will hit the core iron to cause the core iron to fall off.

(3) It is forbidden to forcibly climb the steps, which will cause cracks in the root of the pattern, and severely break the steel cord.

(4) It is forbidden to rub and walk on the edge of the step. Otherwise, the edge of the track will be taken away and interfere with the body, causing scratches and cuts on the edge of the track.

(5) It is forbidden to walk over bridges, which is one of the main reasons for pattern damage and core iron breakage.

(6) It is forbidden to walk on the slope, which will cause damage to the track.

(7) Frequently check the wear of the drive wheel, the guide wheel and the roller, and the drive wheel with severe wear will cause the core iron to be hooked out, which will also cause abnormal wear of the core iron. Such a drive wheel must be replaced immediately.

(8) Rubber crawlers should be maintained frequently. After use in an environment where there is too much sediment and the chemical is flying, it should be cleaned. Failure to do so will accelerate the wear and corrosion of the rubber track.