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The integral rubber crawler plate tension analysis

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Rubber tracks the classification, structure, basic performance requirements and design points. Rubber tracks of elastomers mainly adopts NR, polyurethane elastomer or NR and SBR and BR and glue, manufacturing process are mainly secondary vulcanization joint and ring forming section sulfide method two kinds.

Rubber tracks are moving in large scale, Gao Jianghua, long life, lightweight, many varieties, multifunctional and can change the direction of development.

The variety of rubber tracks, basic performance requirements, product design and production process. The basic properties of the rubber tracks require tractional, not to take off the wheel, shock resistance and durability. Rubber tracks are usually made of gold, strong layer, buffer layer and rubber parts, rubber parts including the pattern side glue, glue, shade cloth glue, glue, rubber and cloth layer wheel side glue, etc. Rubber tracks mainly adopts steel wire cord has joint type and joint type two kinds of production process.

Rubber tracks and perfect the improvement of the performance of the product can be through the rubber recipe optimization and improvement to implement structural design, application of environmental protection and energy saving of raw materials is conducive to energy conservation and emissions reduction, is rubber tracks in the direction of industrial development. Rubber tracks in the process of production and use of the cracks are mainly concentrated in sulfide transition area. To improve the operation process, optimization of structure and formula design, can effectively solve the problem of rubber tracks fissure, improve product quality.

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