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Installation Instruction of All-terrain Rubber Track

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Installation Instruction of All-terrain Rubber Track 

The first step:

Prepare tools.The tolls along with car can setve the need of installation.

The second step:

The vehicle brake pull,and view the instrument display disc brake lights are lit,to ensure safety.

The third step:

Install the front wheel firstly,put the jack under the chassis of one front wheel to hold the car up,and remove the tire.

The forth step:

Adjust the 4WD switch knob of the frontd wheel to the lock position,and then switch on the 4WD.

The fifth step:

Fix the connecting plate on the hub with car's original nuts.

The sixth step:

Adjust the height of jack to ensure the six outside holes of connecting plate align the six install holes of truck driving assembly.

The seventh step:

Thke thejack our after fixing the bolts well,and then put it under the other side.Fix by repeating steps.

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