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4.00-8 XZ01 Forklift solid tyres, Pneumatic solid tyre, solid resilient tyrest

Detailed introduction


4.00-8 XZ01 pneumatic solid tires

XZ01 specification

Future wheels Tyre’s XZ01 pattern are constructed with 3 stages solid resilient tyre with a rich Natural Rubber tread, low rolling resistance, excellent wear characteristics with a soft centre compound for heat buildup resistance and resilience.

  The XZ01 Pattern tyres are designed to offer consistent and reliable operation. Every tyre is subjected to demanding physical and chemical examinations. The stringent pre-production raw material control system, in-process step by step quality control system and 100% final inspection ensures that you can simply fit our tyres and rest easy




3-stage, Rich Natural Rubber tread, Soft centre compound


Superior ride comfort

Operating Conditions

normal working environment


Work horse design, good wear characteristics, Low rolling resistance






 The wear - resistant Natural Rubber compound combined with the unique tread design ensures improved stability, traction and braking in both dry/wet conditions. Available in more than 10 different formulations, to suit all applications and operating conditions 


The resilient center Natural Rubber compound is a softer compound which is designed to reduce heat build up and increase the life of a tyre. The elastic property of the Centre area absorbs shock from being transmitted to the equipment, resulting in driving comfort, absolute safety and increased truck life through reduced vibration. In addition, this layer helps in reducing the rolling resistance of the tyre. Available in two formulations - the Normal ride which is for low rolling resistance and Softride designed to give extra driver comfort.



Hard Base:
The Hard Base area uses high durometer compounds and interference in the tyre rim fitment to ensure firm grip in the rim seating area thus eliminating any spinning problems. Available in a Natural Rubber compound with steel creel beads or hoop rings or with a matrix of nylon tyre cord fabric/rubber compound and optional steel creel beads or hoop rings.


Technical Data



1. Available in Black, Non Marking( white, gray, green, yellow, red), Specialty compounds; with or without Clip.

2. Service life depends on severity of operating conditions 
3. Tyre usage should follow ETRTO or US-TRA norms for operations 
4. Custom designs & constructions can be offered; please contact the company 

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