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Small and Popular Rubber Track System with High Quality LEVE-160

Detailed introduction

Rubber Track  system (LEVE--160)

Loading bearing: 150KG

Application:Small Car,ATV,small Tractor,etc.

Description of the rubber track system:

1. Wide used on ATV/SUV/snowmobile/vehicles/trucks as wheels

2. Easy for vehicles to run on hill land, mud road, sand ground...

3.Rubber track system Material: Rubber/ UHMW-PE

4.Application: All terrain/season

5.Warranty: 12 months

6.The rubber track system is mainly composed of the rubber track, triangular
frame, driving wheels,supporting wheels, guide pulley as well as connecting
plated device...

7.It's an integrated mechanical assembly which can make your car run well at
all terrain whatever is snow, mud, sand, loose surface, even hill terrain...

8.We can also design the mounting hole according to your wheel bolt pattern
so that you can install it on your car directly without using complicated tools...

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