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Heavy Rubber Track System WZY-620

Detailed introduction

Item: Rubber track system
Main Parts:Rubber track;triangular frame;drive and support wheels,adater,etc.
Material:Steel,Aluminum alloy,rubber

Description of the rubber track system:
1. Wide used on large harvesters less than 10 tons, large loader, excavator   as wheels
2. Easy for vehicles to run on hill land, mud road, sand ground...
Rubber track system Material: Rubber/ UHMW-PE
Application: All terrain/season
Warranty: 12 months

1.Bolt Pattern is necessary so that we can design the mounting hole:

2.The vehicle's weight and the detailed brand is also very important,its drive model
Like the 2005 Hummer H2,its drive model 4x4 and its bolt pattern 
 8 x 165mm   Stud size     m14 – 1.5     Center  Bore   117mm

The features and advantages of the rubber track system:

The rubber track system is mainly composed of the rubber track, triangular frame,
driving wheels,Supporting wheels, guide pulley as well as connecting plated device...
It's an integrated mechanical assembly which can make your car run well at
all terrain whatever is snow, mud, sand, loose surface, even hill terrain...
We can also design the mounting hole according to your wheel bolt pattern so that you can
Install it on your car directly without using complicated tools...
Model: WZY--620 Length : 1600mm
Packing:  Simple carbon box/Iron Frame Width: 620mm

Height: 850mm

Net Weight: 300KG 
Ground contact length: 1300mm Loading bearing: less than 10 tons
Sprocket Center Distance to the Ground: 550mm
Applicable Type of Vehicles: large harvesters less than 10 tons, large excavator, loaders....

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