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Competitive Price with Mini-Robot Track (60*12.7*66)

Detailed introduction

1.Characteristics of rubber track:

   1).Less damage to the ground surface

   2).Low noise

   3).High running speed

   4).Less vibration;

   5).Low ground contack specific pressure

   6).High tractive force

   7).Light weight

2.Convontional type or interchangeable type rubber track


mini-excavator, bulldozer, dumper, crawler loader, crawler crane, carrier vehicle, agriculture machinery, paver and other special machine

4.Packaging & Delivery

   1).Packing: Bare package or Pallet

   2).Delivery time: 20days.


5.Other Conditions:

  1).MOQ: 2 Piece
  2). Supply Ability: 5000 Pcs/Month
  3). Brand: OEM is ok
  4). Color: Black, White

6. Warranty: guarantee one year under normal use.

7.Paremeter/More Sizes of Small Robotic Tracks:

Rubber Tracks Specification 
Type:GF-B Type:GMD-B Type:JQ-B Type:DN-B
Link No.54 Link No.46 Link No.66 Link No.50
Pitch:19mm Pitch:20mm Pitch:12.7mm Pitch:18.5mm
Width:50mm Width:50mm Width:60mm Width:60mm
Total length:1026mm Total length:920mm Total length:838.2mm Total length:925mm
Weight:0.5Kg Weight:0.5Kg Weight:1.2Kg Weight:0.44Kg

Type:JQ-A Type:BF-A Type:TH-85 Type:BD-A
Link No.120 Link No.108 Link No.24 Link No.50
Pitch:12.7mm Pitch:15mm Pitch:59.4mm Pitch:40mm
Width:76mm Width:80mm Width:85mm Width:100mm
Total length:1524mm Total length:1620mm Total length:1425.6mm Total length:2000mm
Weight:1.92Kg Weight:1.2Kg Weight:1.92Kg Weight:4Kg

Type:GMD-A Type:QD-118 Type:RN-20 Type:DB-A
Link No.76 Link No.20 Link No.20 Link No.18
Pitch:20mm Pitch:60mm Pitch:60mm Pitch:61mm
Width:100mm Width:118mm Width:120mm Width:118mm
Total length:1520mm Total length:1200mm Total length:1200mm Total length:1098mm
Weight:1.84Kg Weight:2.6Kg Weight:2.5Kg Weight:2.32Kg

Type:PY-148 Type:CX-118 Type:WG-123 Type:WJ-130
Link No.34 Link No.24 Link No.60 Link No.68
Pitch:60mm Pitch:61mm Pitch:38mm Pitch:40mm
Width:148mm Width:118mm Width:123mm Width:130mm
Total length:2040mm Total length:1464mm Total length:2280mm Total length:2754mm
Weight:10.9Kg Weight:3.9Kg Weight:4.5Kg Weight:7.4Kg

Type:DN-A Type:TH-136 Type:SL-140 Type:ZY-148
Link No.76 Link No.41 Link No.36 Link No.36
Pitch:18.5mm Pitch:45mm Pitch:80mm Pitch:60mm
Width:130mm Width:136mm Width:140mm Width:148mm
Total length:1406mm Total length:1845mm Total length:2880mm Total length:2160mm
Weight:2.2Kg Weight:3.56Kg Weight:10Kg Weight:16Kg

Type:YSD-165 Type:PY-180 Type:YN-180 Type:HC-200
Link No.36 Link No.42 Link No.37 Link No.60
Pitch:64.5mm Pitch:65mm Pitch:72mm Pitch:60.2mm
Width:165mm Width:180mm Width:180mm Width:200mm
Total length:2322mm Total length:2730mm Total length:2664mm Total length:3612mm
Weight:13Kg Weight:15kg Weight:17.5Kg Weight:18Kg

Type:HS-200 Type:WHKD-170 Type:YT-200 Type:JH-220
Link No.18 Link No.31 Link No.46 Link No.26
Pitch:72mm Pitch:64mm Pitch:52.5mm Pitch:85mm
Width:200mm Width:170mm Width:200mm Width:220mm
Total length:1296mm Total length:1984mm Total length:2415mm Total length:2210mm
Weight:13.5Kg Weight:7.5kg Weight:18.1Kg Weight:23.4kg

Type:SQ-A Type:SQ-B Type:WD-255 Type:TG-320
Link No.65 Link No.30 Link No.35 Link No.33
Pitch:53.5mm Pitch:72mm Pitch:73mm Pitch:87mm
Width:220mm Width:255mm Width:255mm Width:320mm
Total length:3477mm Total length:2145mm Total length:2625mm Total length:2871mm
Weight:13.4Kg Weight:13.5kg Weight:15.92kg Weight:31.5Kg

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