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The development of the light rubber tracks

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The development of the light rubber tracks:

In addition to the tires and metal tracks, rubber tracks is a widely used for various vehicles and another walking on the walking machinery parts.Because of its longitudinal, lateral GangRen, flexible rotation, tractional good, light weight, big grounding area, reducing the pressure on the ground, and improve the through capacity of all kinds of complex terrain, and little vibration, low noise, comfort.Therefore, walking in various type of agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, resource exploration, archaeology, as well as military, scientific research and daily life in areas such as widely used in the assignments and transport vehicles.

Light rubber tracks are developed for Taiwanese patent - disabled walking walking vehicle (electric wheelchair) matching belt, caterpillar is plastic gear drive type, the walking vehicle can be manned upstairs, directly into the bedroom.After test material was confirmed as the following: belt tensile layer for glass line, lateral strengthening layer for nylon cord, internal tooth gum with CR, external tooth gum with NR and BR and glue, base gum mainly use CR or CR, NR and glue.Track technical performance requirements according to the crawler walking on the using and characteristics of the walk, the requirements for the various materials crawler has good physical and mechanical properties, dynamic fatigue resistance and weather aging resistance performance.

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