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Rubber machinery: all show depression in the first half of the year

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In the first half of the slide show, rubber machinery market in China at double-digit decline in sales revenue and profit, and to the biggest drop of entering the new century, slight happily export growth.Rubber machinery industry in our country environment deteriorate, mainly is the tire investment dropped to freezing point, significantly reduce the rubber machine orders demand, cause most of the rubber machine enterprise production task is not enough, the whole market depression significantly.Predict the second half of the domestic and running environment of rubber machinery industry is still difficult to change next year, rubber machine enterprises should prepared for the difficult time.
Revenue fell a buyer's market characteristic is obvious
According to the China chemical equipment association rubber machinery professional committee member for 23 rubber machinery enterprises in the first half of the main economic indicators, rubber machinery sales income is 3.52 billion yuan, down (11.6% year-on-year, similarly hereinafter), extrapolate in the first half of the national rubber machinery total sales revenue reached 5.27 billion yuan, down 12.7%.
Specifically, 23 companies have 17 sales revenue decline, six sales revenue growth, and lower growth.The top 10 by sales revenue among enterprises, in turn, is soft holdings, yiyang rubber rubber self-control, tianjin, dalian rubber and plastic, China, guilin engineering company, Beijing's work, guilin rubber machine, south China university of technology hundred sichuan and binary machinery.
Our country tire investment confidence fell to the lowest in recent years, the little new tires on the project.Last year, according to the understanding of China rubber network, multiple new tires on the project, due to reasons such as money and the market, the project was stuck in the air, can't, not to withdraw.Rubber machine enterprises to a serious shortage of orders, widespread phenomenon full of production tasks, which appeared in recent years, there are few in the industry of rubber machine.Even if part of the equipment has been produced, tire companies don't pick up the goods, rubber machine product inventory rose sharply, to achieve the highest level in recent years, bring a lot of rubber machine enterprises considerable pressure.There is no signs of improvement this momentum, rubber machinery industry in China has clearly entered a buyer's market.
Two reasons cause a sharp fall in the number of profit
According to the statistic for enterprises to participate in statements, first-half profit fell by 70%, the large reduction.Four losses of enterprises, and the loss amount exceeds one hundred million yuan, 17.4% percentage of loss-incurring enterprises, is a rare phenomenon in recent years.
Analysis the cause of industry profits dropped dramatically, mainly two aspects: one is the structural surplus products.Order is more, a few years ago, rubber machinery industry industry low barriers to entry, a large number of other industries into rubber machinery field.Last year, rubber machine order "cliff" in the second half industry structural surplus, coupled with the industry concentration degree is low, the industry competition is intense, some popular rubber edge machine product prices to losses.Another reason is that part of the tire companies failed to pick up the goods, many rubber machine companies in our country have not delivery equipment, product sales fell, the difficulty of capital turnover.High trade receivable, financial costs rose 8.7%, explain customer money status and payment is not ideal for rubber machine company.
, although the price of steel raw materials, such as low, is advantageous to the rubber machine enterprise profit, but the raw materials have no decline in space, if the future earnings rise in raw material will be more conducive to rubber machine.According to the understanding of China rubber network, new product production rose 4.1% in the industry.Many enterprises asset-liability ratio increase, it is worth attention.Industry in general, has a tendency to slightly reduce wages, workers are mainly rubber machine in our country enterprise through technology upgrade to improve the whole industry and automation level.

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