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Weather affects production time for rubber tracks...

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URGENT: temperature reached 40 ℃ Shanghai Meteorological Observatory issued a high temperature red warning

China Weather Reuters today (23 May) 14:03, Shanghai downtown Xujiahui station temperature reached 40 ℃, set a new record high temperatures this summer.

It was reported that last more than 40 ℃ high temperature also appeared in 2013. August 7, 40.8 ℃. Shanghai Meteorological Center 14:10 publish high temperature red warning signal: the current temperature is rapidly rising, the central city is expected to exceed today's maximum temperature 40 ℃, high temperature orange warning signal is updated to a high temperature red warning signal.

The next seven days, the Shanghai maximum temperature will be maintained at above 36 ℃.

So hope our all new and old customers note that if your urgently get rubber tracks and pls inform us and know this information;it will affect our production time for rubber tracks!

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