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The detailed description of rubber crawler chassis

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The detailed description of rubber crawler chassis:
Structure performance characteristics:
1. Supporting the host weight, have the functions of forward and backward turns to walk.
2. The rubber tracks using Japanese technology, production of construction machinery, bearing capacity, big traction, low noise, no injury and asphalt, has good driving performance.
3. Equipped with working "low speed high torque motor reducer, walking with high performance.
4. Walking frame, structure strength, stiffness big, using bending processing.
5. Roller, guide roller adopt deep groove ball bearings, one-time add butter lubrication, free use of the maintenance and maintenance.
6. End the double sealing structure, nothing more than to ensure lubricating oil seal leakage, and can prevent mud into the round cavity.
Roller, guide wheel, drive gear is made of alloy steel and after quenching, good abrasion resistance, long service life.
Spring up on color of screw adjustment, high reliability
The performance parameters:
1, the chassis itself quality 0.78 t, mechanical allows the total weight of 3.5-4 t.
2, low height of rubber tracks, H = 466 mm.
3, high speed v = 2-4 km/h.
4, walking hydraulic motor reducer pressure pH = 20 mpa, total Q = 3600 ml/r, MH = 12500 n · m.
5, big traction, T = 9800 kg, traction ability (theoretical) 92%, gradeability alpha > 30 °. 
6, p = 0.038 Mpa pressure than.
This product by the integration of motor and speed reducer walking device, rubber tracks, caterpillar track, driving wheel, guide wheel, roller, drag chain wheel, when tight organization, etc.With compact structure, reliable performance, durable, easy operation, simple maintenance, less energy consumption and economy.Apply to anchor drilling machine, spray water well drilling rig, rotary drill, DTH drill, tunnel drilling, horizontal directional drilling machine, boring machine, excavator, grilled slag, aerial work platform, agricultural machinery, etc.

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