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Rubber enterprise profit problem

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Since this year, some large enterprises of rubber starts fell sharply;And small and medium-sized rubber enterprise survival situation is even more difficult, almost no orders, the shutdown losses are widespread."A rubber dealers said on condition of anonymity.
Inventory high, the reporter understands, the rubber market oversupply situation makes the rubber enterprise profit is more and more difficult.Public data shows, in the first quarter of this year, Qingdao bonded area rubber inventory record.Data show that by the end of February, natural rubber stock reached 216600 tons, on December 31, year on year increase of 57200 tons.At the same time, from in June last year to January, natural rubber imports continue to increase, in December last year reached 350000 tons, a record high.
"At present, the demand of the market slows down, the real estate market is restricted factors and policy implications, such as short time cannot recover the demand for day glue, auto industry due to factors such as environmental protection, the same weak demand. In addition, all regions have vehicle restrictions, such as limit, policy, the policy continuity is stronger, make domestic car sales were affected, natural rubber demand is difficult to improve."A natural rubber dealers said.
In order to reduce operating losses, some rubber enterprises avoid risks in the futures.Wen-rong zheng, deputy secretary-general of China association of natural rubber in an interview with the media has said that in recent years, hainan, yunnan agricultural reclamation of brand rubber through futures hedging delivery than the spot market sales glue on average 1000 yuan per ton, and some of the farmers have begun to use television and radio released by Shanghai natural rubber futures price sell glue, production and trade of information asymmetry conditions have improved markedly."Although plant gum area influenced by institutional changing and shortage of funds, each year in the futures market to hedge for delivery accounts for only domestic natural rubber resin production was about 15%, but the lock in profits, financial risk management, found that prices and guide the enterprise management, promote the farmers' income plays an important guiding role."Wen-rong zheng said.In addition, the reporter understands, at present, hainan rubber (601118, shares) produced by product, a third do hedging, locking part of profits, avoid market volatility risk;Direct selling one-third for big clients, ensure rubber remained stable income when a significant change in the market;A third through the spot market for sales, reflect market value.

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