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China became a rubber pricing third pole

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Tokyo rubber, rubber futures and Singapore respectively rubber consumption and rubber production price index in the region and has widespread impact on the global trade in rubber prices.However, their status is under the challenge of China rubber futures on the Shanghai futures exchange. 
Because Japan is not a natural rubber producer, its consumption and imports of natural rubber is less than China's, along with Japan's economy stagnated for many years, Tokyo rubber market scale is gradually shrinking.At present, the Tokyo glue average daily volume insufficient thousand, the position fell to below 20000 hands, weakening market influence. 
While China remains the world's important natural rubber consumer, China accounts for one-third of global rubber consumption, with the rapid development of automobile industry in recent years, the day gum market rapid expansion in China, but the domestic supply growth is limited, it consumes only about 20%, is highly dependent on imports.Natural rubber producer league (ANRPC), according to China's consumption with the global share, 2013 China's consumption of 4.15 million tons, imports rose 14.4% to 4.01 million tons. 
Although our country starts late in the natural rubber futures, but the market development on a firm footing.Because our country futures market gradually established a perfect supervision system and risk control system, the steady development of the futures market.In recent years, natural rubber prices plummeted, many domestic enterprises to realize through the futures market hedging control purchasing cost, lock the importance of the sales profit.Natural rubber production, trade, consumption and other related industry chain enterprises and many speculators are involved in the previous rubber futures market, the authority of Shanghai rubber price is increasingly strengthened. 
With glue by contrast, Shanghai rubber by position and volume of the previous period than rubber, in 2013, for example, the volume of 2.33 million glue on the day when the hand, Shanghai rubber volume reached 144.88 million hands;And Shanghai rubber gradually out of the original passive condition, began to actively lead the change of the natural rubber market prices. 
Poetry Li Shijiang rubber (Shanghai) co., LTD. General manager dong said recently, along with the domestic rubber demand and capacity for money, and the domestic futures market is increasingly active.Shanghai rubber position and volume than Japan and Singapore, attract and hold money is dozens of times of the Tokyo and Singapore market;Shanghai glue and norm of spreads, Japan, Singapore market began to independent reflect the domestic spot market supply and demand, truly become the domestic spot operation reference index and secondary market. 
Li Shijiang pointed out that the increment of global natural rubber trade mainly in emerging market countries, China accounts for most of that evolved into a new world trade center, in addition, India's gap is enlarged."Traditional rubber international trade business mainly concentrated in Singapore, international tire companies also set up the procurement agencies in Singapore. But 2008 years later, has experienced the baptism of the financial crisis of China tire enterprises to seize market opportunities, contrarian expansion, China gradually rise for the new rubber trade center. China further become a source of global demand and price fluctuations, there is no doubt that rubber pricing center gradually shifting from the traditional Japanese, Singapore has been to Shanghai." 
"This is a welcome phenomenon, China needs to get the pricing power of natural rubber. The domestic supply of natural rubber can meet consumer demand. Since 2002, China surpassed the U.S. as the world's biggest importer of natural rubber, natural rubber in China is close to 80%. The proportion of consumption of imported rubber Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and India holds more than 90% of global natural rubber resources, China's imports of rubber is mainly from these countries. If the exporter deliberate manipulation of the market, such as the export of natural rubber barriers or raise prices, will inevitably affect China's automobile industry and related tires, car, motorcycle accessories, agricultural machinery and engineering machinery parts, rubber tape, footwear products such as the development of downstream of the natural rubber industry. Therefore, international pricing power for China's natural rubber is very important."Speculative front people. Wu pointed out.

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