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The Client FAQ

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The Client FAQ:

1. If my car can press ryvver tracks conversion system? Any special requirements for the vehicle?

   Raider buggies.

   After the two drive drive car.

   Cross-country type passenger cars,the raider buggies minimum requirement of 2.4L displacement,minimum two drive displacement 2.0L.

   The ordinary passenger vehicle minimum requirements 1.6L displacement.

   Engineering vehicles ,the raider buggies minimum requirement of 2.8L displacement,minimum two drive displacement 2.4L.

   Special models can be customization processing.

2. The product price?Whether to preferential?

    Specific prices as shown in the product introduction generally identified as the unified national price,no longer discount!If large quantity,you can calls details!

3. It is easy to install for rubber track system?

   Rubber Track systems change simply and quickly,without change of vehicle structure.

   The average replacement installation time per car for 40minutes.

4. Which the terrain can be used in for the furbber track system?

    We  recommend the use of the environment:snow,swamp,desert,Gobi,beaches and other ordinary vehicles can not set foot in the place.

5. What the fastest speed can reach?

    The fastest speed of our products can reach 80KM/hours,but we suggest that the speed is 60KM/hours.

6. What material are parts?

   Rubber crawler----combined with fiber

   Support----two kinds,one is a steel and another is alumimum alloy.

   Gear----ultra high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE English name ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene)

7. Whether cement or asphalt road can walk?

   You can walk,but compared to the snow or mud,tread wear will be more faster!

8. How long the warranty period is?If the problems in the warranty period,how to solve?

   Our product warranty period is thirteen months,the warranty period of rubber track thirteen months or 5000KM,whichever comes first,if a problem occures during the warranty period,we are responsible for the replacement of the new products.

9. How long of how many kilometers does the rubber can travel?What is the single track price?

   General a track can be used three years or 20000 kilometers,ATV 1500 car 2000 is single track price.

10. Whether sent door-to-door installation debugging?(China)

     Can be sent door-to-door installation debugging,however,customers need to bear the costs,such as staff travel,etc.

11. Installing rubber track conversion system,steering affected?The steering angle without change?

    As for this problem,first of all want to emphasize is forced to turn,is strictly prohibited in the static condition.Because of this with the tire is not the same,total ground into the area is large,so the friction is very large,if forced to turn in the sationary state of words,is likely to damage the direction rod and the power system,but as long as the car is a little bit rate,can be achieved to,steering feel is the tire is heavier,the steering angle does not change.

12. At the same speed,track wheel speed than tire slow?

     We have done like this one experiment is the same car,two cars,a car with the track wheel,another car with the tires,we found at the same speed,compared with the track wheel car and the tire of car,their speed is the same.

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