New technology of rubber production waste water zero emissions

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New technology of rubber production waste water -zero emissions

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The eduction in rubber production process of waste water, can be used to irrigate farmland, raising fish shrimp, also can be used as liquid fertilizer, biological fresh-keeping expert forward two patents of invention of professor wang, let problem in rubber industry for more than one hundred years has been resolved.In chengmai hainan island town of zte product treasure rubber factory test and industrial production showed that the rubber of the technology to achieve the production waste water "zero emissions".
Rubber is an important industrial raw material, also is the indispensable strategic materials.But more than one hundred years, the rubber factory of the world generally USES ammonia fresh latex, reoccupy formic acid or sulfuric acid do after curing glue, poisonous side effect to human body, not only in rubber production process of a large number of pollutants, brought great pressure to the environmental protection, but also reduce the dry rubber content and poor quality.
King forward by countless experiments, has finally developed without ammonia antistaling agent and the biological natural latex rubber curing agent.According to introducing, no ammonia antistaling agent is a kind of to nanotechnology compound recipe of biological agents, to natural rubber emulsion have antibacterial, sterilization, moisturizing effect, in increasing the level of natural rubber dry at the same time also can enhance the rubber abrasion resistance, toughness and strength.Natural rubber after the treatment, can be in a year under normal temperature preservation is not bad.Natural rubber emulsion biological curing agent in rubber production process curing, anti-corrosion, bleaching effect, can make the latex rubber curing fast, don't change color, strength increase, and non-toxic side effects.
The personage inside course of study thinks, the king of forward two patents of invention on the function can completely replace toxic ammonia, formic acid and sulfuric acid, non-toxic side effects, however, does not pollute the environment, but also increased the dry rubber content, significantly improve the quality of the rubber.The advent of the technology, it has the important significance and economic value, environmental protection is a major breakthrough in the history of rubber production, is also the world rubber industry an epoch-making revolution.
It is understood that the technology has obtained a patent for invention in 2011, after the inventor improved, has to realize industrialization production.

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