A comprehensive analysis of the performance of the rubber crawler transporter

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A comprehensive analysis of the performance of the rubber crawler transporter

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A comprehensive analysis of the performance of the rubber crawler transporter

Tracked vehicle designed for the shortcomings of early track and two kinds of wheel drive system. Tracked vehicle off-road capability is good, but take the load is limited, while the track of life, especially in the off-road environment short on production costs, track wheel vehicles than higher. Wheel of life is also higher than the track, while higher wheel type vehicle capable of carrying the weight, but the use of the wheel terrain vehicles at high load the ride through very limited, and the ability to walk in bad weather is far better than tracked vehicles . Tracked vehicles daily job is completed, the machine should be parked in the flat, relatively large space where the container is lowered, if the sloping parking lot, you must use the brake skids dead track at the lower side, to prevent the slide in Paul parked properly carried out day after.

Crawler conveyor converted caterpillar vehicles carrying tracks
Caterpillar converted video car now Homemade crawler chassis
Wheel caterpillar vehicles Rubber tracks the car
350 caterpillar vehicles refitted pantomime horse rice caterpillar vehicles
Caterpillar lorry-mounted crane agricultural caterpillar vehicles Rice skip

Caterpillar center distance (mm) 1150 caterpillar grounding length (2100 mm)
The weight (kg rated load
Packing case size (mm)
The machine dimension (mm). 3
The company processing customized single cylinder caterpillar vehicles, duplex caterpillar vehicles, four cylinder caterpillar vehicles, paddy caterpillar vehicles, flat caterpillar vehicles, push caterpillar vehicles.Modified pantomime horse car, mine laptop, all-wheel-drive pantomime horse car, single cylinder agricultural pantomime horse car, mine laptop, etc
Caterpillar vehicles maintenance:

1. Removal of driving wheel, roller, tension wheel and track on the winding grass, mud, etc clogging debris;
2. Clean air filter, radiator, suction dust net;
3. Check the tighten loose fastening connection;
4. The correct belt, crawler tensioning degree;
5. Check whether there is any deformation on the parts, if necessary, should be timely repair;
6. Check the engine, gearbox, hydraulic tank of liquid level height, pipeline leaks, oil whether need to supplement.

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