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2015 China auto tire production forecast decreased to 563 million Pieces

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In early November 2015, China rubber industry association tyre branch adjusted the national car tyres production forecast goal in 2015.It is understood that after the adjustment the national automobile tire production is reduced from 587 million to 563 million, among them, all-steel radial tire for 108 million, half steel radial tire for 410 million, bias tyre for 045 million.

Since 2015, China's tire industry overall decline, main economic indicators in unprecedented negative growth.As the consumer market is sluggish, tire enterprises constantly compression production load, starts falling by 7-12%.

It is reported, the adjustment is according to 42 completion of enterprise economic indicators.

In August, according to data from 1-2015, this chapter key member enterprise comprehensive tyre production for 237.0707 million, down 6.33% year-on-year.Article 213.7516 million meridian tyre production, fell 5.84% year on year;All steel radial tire production in 56.0004 million, down 5.96% year-on-year.

History of the branch secretary general, says one front 2015 draws to a close, as long as the industry efforts to sprint in the fourth quarter, to complete her mission adjusted full-year target completely.

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